Sunday, July 04, 2010

Review Round -up Competition - 300mm Snap


Difficulty rating: 3/5 - easy enough but sewing experience would make it easier
Were the Instructions easy to follow: After I had proudly completed the 90mm & 200mm purse frames, I set myself the challenge of the 300mm Snap.
It was a little daunting when I opened the instructions for the 300mm Snap as there was a bit more involved than I had done with the purses. After reading through the instructions, I found that the bag & purse concept had been combined.
Yet again the step by step instructions & illustrations were very easy to follow.
Were you happy with the finished product & did it look like the pattern cover or tweaked: I was very happy with my finished product that looked like the pattern cover minus the straps & can proudly say it survived the day as it was part of my outfit to the Cox's Plate.
What did you like or dislike about the pattern: I have NO dislikes - I love the pattern, it's a great clutch.
Would you make this pattern again or recommend it to others: I am yet to make another Snap, but the next one I do I will try with the straps. I recommend this pattern, it makes a great evening clutch with the purse frame.

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