Sunday, July 04, 2010

My bag obsession

I must say that I was inspired to create a blog to showcase my passion of bags that has been a driving force by Nikki at Nicole Mallalieu Designs with her "Review Round-up" Competition.

I have always been a huge fan of bags and shoes (what girl isn't), but when my friend Rachel came to me and asked me if I wanted to do a bag making course, I was quick to say YES!
I was a nervous wreck when I entered the classroom of Nicole Mallalieu Designs, I hadn't used a sewing machine since year 10 dressmaking & the fact that other members of the class had made bags before wasn't helping the butterflies in my stomach.
It was with the ease & patience of Nikki (the fab teacher) that I became calmer. Class after class it got easier & the feeling I got at the final class when I had made my very 1st bag (pictured below), was when my passion for bags became an obsession!
I have been making & creating various patters of Nikki's & loving it!!!
As a huge suprise to my mother, I have actually stuck with a "hobby" for over a year now, but the satisfaction I feel when I complete a bag, purse or anything else I have done, it's not something that I can thrown in. Not only is it very therapeutic for me, but to see something I have made, make someone smile - makes me happy.

I would have to say my biggest achievement to date was the nappy bag (pictured below) I made for my little niece Montana Rose. At the time of making the bag she was unknown - so not knowing if it was a boy or girl, I went for a Noah's Ark theme.
This nappy bag is not one of Nikki's designs, but a Simplicity pattern that was driving me crazy, so I took the concepts that I learnt from Nikki & applied it to this project, because Simplicity is confusing!!!

With my new found love for sewing, I have made aprons & art smocks for my little cousins, with great feedback that they survived the wash hahaha.

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  1. Well done, you!! You make great bags, and that makes my heart SING!! :)


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