Monday, June 20, 2011

Afternoon tea delight

Yesterday afternoon the lovely Cathie  hosted an Afternoon Tea for Australia's Biggest morning tea to raise money for the Caner Council at Nikki's Studio.
Supporting the cancer council is something I feel strongly about and is very close to my heart - having lost 3 grandparents to different types of cancer, it is a cause that I support 100% and thank Cathie for hosting such wonderful event.

Two tea cups from my collection
It was a lovely afternoon with the most amazing cakes, cup cakes, tarts and  savoury dishes made by Cathie herself, along with drinking tea from gorgeous tea cups and the generous donations for the fantastic raffle.
I love drinking tea out of gorgeous tea cups, I feel like a princess (hahaha not really, but near enough) and I confess I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to tea cups.

As a new blogger, it was so nice to meet fellow bloggers and crafty ladies, who were all very lovely and extremely welcoming to a newbie like myself. As big as the blogging world is, it can be overwhelming but in a good way to see that there are a lot of people out there that love to do what I do and we all have a common passion of sewing or some other craft.  It was great to discuss what we do, as sewing is not something I can discuss with my girl friends as I'm the only crafty one amongst us.  I'm happy and honoured to be a part of the sewing community and meeting ladies that are amazing at what they do and create.

A huge thank you to Nikki for inviting me to the fundraiser and introducing me to these lovely ladies.  Also to Cathie for hosting a lovely afternoon and for the gorgeous take home treats - absolutely divine!



  1. So glad you could make it!! It was a lovely afternoon and a fantastic cause. Did you see that the final tally was over $1200?

  2. Thank you again for the invite Nikki, it was great to meet so many talented ladies that share the same passion.
    Amazing effort by Cathie raising that money :o)


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