Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Too much socialising, not enough sewing!

It’s a busy week ahead catching up with friends and not a lot of sewing time. I seem to go through phases where there are some weeks I’m free every night and then some weeks (like this week) that I’m out every night until Sunday.
I do try to keep my Sundays free, so I can get up and dedicate the entire day to sewing – I put a movie on or music in the background and sew my life away. I can’t work in silence it kills me; I need background noise to help me along hahaha.

So at the moment my number one project is another baby bag for a family friend who is due at the end of May – so time is ticking, but I’m nearly finished :o)
I must say there has been a lot of gratification this time around, as it is my second baby bag and no instructions were required – it came so natural to me and I guess a lot of that comes from doing Nikki’s bags. Once you grasp a concept of how to do something and apply it to something similar, it all makes sense and pulls together so easily.

Straps for the bag
Elastic pocket on side of the bag
Getting there - straps, zipper and lining to finish

I decided to go with the same Noah’s Ark theme as my previous baby bag, because I don’t know the gender of the baby and all the other materials I found were gender specific, it’s still cute and practical none the less and very sturdy as I used a curtain fabric. I must say that the original baby bag I made for my niece has been packed to the limits and still in one piece hahaha.

It has been a longer process than last time I made the baby bag, just because of the social calendar over the last couple of months.  In saying that - I'm off to dinner with my beautiful friend Linda.

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